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Mission & Vision

Our Mission

We, the community of students, staff, and family members commit ourselves to provide quality education in a safe and caring environment.  We participate in relevant and innovative learning experiences that nourish our curiosity and develop our maximum potential.  As a community of learners, dedicated to each person’s success, we strive to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.  

Our Vision

Lemon Grove Academy for the Sciences and Humanities consists of a united group of stakeholders who are committed to student achievement.  Collectively, we strive to create a school where every child is challenged to grow academically, socially, and emotionally with learning opportunities that build a high self-efficacy towards education.  To reach this goal, specific attention is dedicated towards promoting a student's ability to self-reflect.  Furthermore, students believe they can be successful at school and that classroom learning directly ensures that students are active participants in their learning and consequent education.  

We envision a school where the community knows they are not only valued but are considered a key component of a child’s education.  Our vision is to have an open campus where staff and families collaborate regularly on student learning.  In addition, teachers regularly collaborate with each other to ensure consistency towards common core state standards, improved classroom instruction, and the sharing of creative ideas and energy to increase student learning.  At Lemon Grove Academy for the Sciences and Humanities, we believe that together, anything is possible and that only together will we be able to reach our goals.  

We envision a school where all students reach high levels of academic success.  To achieve this goal, we acknowledge and strive to take direct action to close the achievement gaps that exist between our Latino, African American, and English Learner subgroups and our Caucasian subgroup.  We work to build strong, positive relationships with students and the community. We have high expectations for all students and strive to ensure that all students are actively engaged in their learning. We know that in order for real learning to exist Every Child, Every Minute, Every Day must receive powerful instruction that is differentiated to their individual level.