LGSD School Visitor Procedures

Dear Lemon Grove Learner Community,

Your child's safety is of utmost importance to our Governing Board and staff in the Lemon Grove School District. We review our safety practices on a regular basis and work with our local law enforcement agencies to ensure we are doing all we can to make the Lemon Grove School District a safe and secure environment for your child to learn and thrive. We are pleased to introduce a new sign-in procedure that will be at the front office of each of our schools.

Raptor Technologies is an integrated school safety technology scanning device designed to protect schools nationwide. The Raptor Visitor Management System instantly screens the driver’s license of all visitors, volunteers, and contractors against the national sex offender registry. Raptor was designed to allow for consistent safety across the district, allowing district administrators to know who is on campus every day.


The Governing Board believes that it is important for parents/guardians and community members to take an active interest in the issues affecting district schools and students.  Therefore, the Board encourages interested parents/guardians and community members to visit the schools and participate in the educational program. By Board policy (BP1250), any person who is not a student or staff member will be required to  register immediately upon entering any school building or grounds when school is in session. Furthermore, the District’s Administrative Regulation 1250 provides: In order to register, a visitor shall, upon request, furnish the principal or designee with the following information  (Penal Code 627.3):

  1.         His/her name, address, and occupation
  2.         His/her age, if less than 21
  3.         His/her purpose for entering school grounds
  4.         Proof of identity
  5.         Other information consistent with the provisions of law

Starting January 8, 2019, all visitors entering a school campus will be required to sign in with their identification card to be scanned by the Raptor system. We appreciate your cooperation with this new procedure and anticipate you will find this to be one more way we are making the Lemon Grove School District a safe place for our Lemon Grove Learners to be their very best.  

Thank you for making the Lemon Grove School District the #BestSchoolDistrictOnEarth.

Yours in Education,

Dr. Kimberly Berman