Futbol / Soccer League

​Lemon Grove Academy Fútbol- Soccer League

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Lemon Grove Academy strives to provide students with the best education possible.  We understand that students have different learning strengths and needs, we are pleased to begin the 2019/2020 L.G.A Soccer season. Students are selected for this special program based on their  school attendance and academic performance. All potential players will be required to attend a mandatory 3 day tryout process and provide 6 references of recommendation from core course teachers.

The program is described below:

L.G.A-M Lunch time soccer (2.5 minimum G.P.A and satisfactory citizenship.2.8 for captain’s.)

Lunch time soccer will be offered daily for student/athletes. Participants must check in with coach daily for attendance. Only Lunch time participants are eligible to play in L.G.A-M Soccer League.

Players must attend at least 3 lunch time soccer games to be able to play in weekly league games.

L.G.A-M Soccer League (2.5 minimum G.P.A and satisfactory citizenship 2.8 for captain’s.)

The league will last the length of the school year. We will have 2 seasons within the league. Each season will have a championship game and an all-star game. Only Lunch time participants are eligible to play in L.G.A-M League play..

After school league:

Time 3:10 4:15 pm.

Days: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Location: Rec Center Field


Rudy Chavez, Soccer Program Director                                  Team Manager                   
 (619) 723-0855                                                                              Marlean Ochoa-Lua